Mapping Service UI
Extract metadata and map it to json

The Mapping Service is a tool designed to extract metadata from different kinds of data produced by instruments, and map this metadata to published metadata schemas. Show More

Our mappings adhere to community-accepted standard schemes, tailored for various techniques. Link of the schemes can be found here
For more detailed documentation please visit the link here

Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of available mappings. Each entry provides:
Title: A brief heading for the mapping.
Description: Detailed insights into the mapping's functionality.
Select Option: Choose the mapping that aligns with your needs.
After reviewing and selecting the appropriate mapping, you can effortlessly upload your file or zip for metadata extraction.

Please follow below steps to use it:
Step 1: Select suitable mapping from available options.
Step 2: According to the selected mapping, provide appropriate input.
Step 3: Click Map document button

Choose a suitable mapping from available options